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After all your hard work, why risk being let down by your spelling and grammar or by poor layout? Let me help you to give your work the best chance of success by having it professionally proofread.


I can offer a high quality professional service to help your work to stand out from the crowd. Whether it is a dissertation or thesis, I can help to ensure that your work is easy to read and give it that final polish. I also guarantee complete confidentiality for your work – LSR Editorial Services will never share your documents with any other source.


I work by suggesting changes to spelling, punctuation and grammar using the Track Changes facility in Microsoft Word. You are then able to decide whether to accept or reject my proposed changes. I will also check for consistency of style throughout your work and will check that references match against the text. However, I am not able to undertake any rewriting of your work. Below is a list of what my proofreading service for students does and does not include.

What my proofreading service includes:

•Correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation by using Track Changes in Word.

•Rewording sentences into correct written English.

•Amending incorrect word use (e.g. to, too, two).

•Basic formatting, such as spacing.

•Checking that the format of your references and bibliography are consistent with your institution’s guidelines. Please provide me with a copy of the guidelines if you would like me to do this.

•Advising by the use of comment boxes when I feel that a sentence doesn’t make sense and I am unsure of your meaning, so that you are able to rewrite it if necessary. However, this applies only to the clarity of the language and not to the argument.

•Ensuring consistency in terms of spelling and punctuation (e.g. hyphenated words, quotation marks, etc.).

What my service DOESN’T include:

•I am NOT able to rewrite or paraphrase sections of your work to either reduce or increase the word count.

•I do NOT check your work for factual errors or the accuracy of the content.

•I am NOT able to write new content or rewrite existing content to change the meaning of the text or improve the clarity of the argument.

•I do NOT check that the content of the bibliography or references is correct.

•I do NOT reorder the content to improve the flow or structure of the argument.

•I do NOT check that calculations, formulas, data, etc. are correct.

With regards to academic work, please note that it is your responsibility to check your institution’s policy regarding proofreading before going ahead.

If you would like me to provide you with a no-obligation quote, please do not hesitate to contact me.

What our customers are saying

I am really impressed with the level of detail and your comments and suggestions throughout, thank you ... Thanks again Lynne, you have been great to work with.

Jayde S., PhD Student

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