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Are you looking to give your work the best possible chance of publication?After all your hard work, you want to make sure that your material is clear, concise and has the correct spelling, grammar and punctuation before you submit it for publication.

Let me help you with that!


What type of texts do I work on?

While my specialities are history and politics, I am also experienced in proofreading and proof-editing a wide range of humanities and social science subjects. I am able to help you with the following types of academic texts:

  • journal articles

  • conference papers

  • research papers

  • reports

  • book chapters

  • grant applications

  • books


What does my service involve?


Many academics feel that their text would benefit from proof-editing, which involves the following:

  • Correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • Rewording sentences into correct written English

  • Checking for incorrect word use (e.g. to, too, two)

  • Checking the formatting and layout

  • Checking the consistency of the format of your references, bibliography and citations

  • Advising by the use of comment boxes when I feel that a sentence doesn’t make sense and I am unsure of your meaning, so that you are able to rewrite it if necessary

  • Checking for consistency in terms of spelling and punctuation (e.g. hyphenated words, quotation marks, etc.)

  • Querying inconsistencies within the text

  • Checking that style and formatting guidelines have been followed


However, if you feel that your text only needs proofreading, I will be happy to quote you on that basis.


My work focuses on identifying and correcting the above issues. Please note that I cannot comment on your basic arguments, content, reasoning, etc. However, if I do notice any inconsistencies or inaccurate content I will highlight these problems.


Do you have English as a second language?

I have done a large amount of work for clients for whom English is a second language and have extensive experience in this area.


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