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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does proofreading cost?

The quick answer to this question is … it depends! Because every project is different, my rates are calculated on an individual basis. My rates vary depending on the complexity and time limit for the job, so please contact me if you would like me to give you a free no-obligation quote. Please see my Pricing page for further information.

What subjects do you work on?

I mainly work in the humanities and social sciences, with my main specialisms being history and politics. I also have a great deal of experience working with businesses, including proofreading websites, reports, advertising material, etc. However, I am happy to work in most non-specialist subject areas.

How long does proofreading take?

Again, this depends on the individual project. The level of work involved will have an impact on the completion time, as will my other commitments. I will always discuss your deadline with you before agreeing to take on the project.

What does proofreading involve?

Please see the Services page for full details.

Why should I use a proofreader?

However good you are at spelling, grammar, etc., it can be extremely difficult to spot the errors in your own work. Spell check functions can't be relied on to catch all the mistakes in your document. For example, if you had intended to type ‘house' it won't notice if you have put ‘horse'! Also, spell check can't tell if you have completely missed a word out of a sentence, which might change its entire meaning.

Can you provide samples of your previous work?

Unfortunately, I am unable to provide samples of previous work due to issues of confidentiality. However, I would be happy to proofread a small sample of your work (up to 500 words) so that you can see how I work before making a final decision.

Why don’t you proofread fiction?

The focus of my business is working with businesses, students, academics and non-fiction authors. Proofreading fiction is a specialism and I believe that you would benefit from working with someone who is experienced in your genre. If you are looking for a fiction editor or proofreader then I would recommend searching the CIEP directory.

Why should I choose LSR Editorial Services?

As a qualified proofreader I am able to work on hard copy (either ‘blind’ or against copy), electronically on PDF or on Word using Track Changes. I am also fully proficient in the use of British Standard Proofreading Symbols. As a Professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP), I adhere to their code of practice at all times.

I can help you with any kind of written material and will provide a professional and reliable service. I will work closely with you to meet your needs and will be helpful, friendly and courteous at all times. No work is outsourced – it is all proofread by me personally. If for any reason I would be unable to accept a project, I would endeavour to recommend a colleague for you to contact.

Any document sent to LSR Editorial Services is kept in the strictest confidence.

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